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A complete Abu Dhabi driving licence guide,Eligibility for Golden Chance driving license in UAE

Request Waiver of Firearms to the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police. Abu Dhabi Police. ADP_ Apply. Request for a New Driving Licence Issuance. Abu Dhabi Police. ADP_ Forgot Password. Or. Road use permit for amateur riders. Traffic Patrols Services. Add/Release Mortgage. Transfer Vehicle Ownership. Create Driving File Application. Issue 'To Whom It  · Emirates Transport Driving Institute. Warsan 3. Excellence Driving Centre. Al Qusais Industry Bin Yaber Driving Centre. Al blogger.comg: abu dhabi  · Description Create Driving File Application. Issue 'To Whom It Concern' Certificates. Driving License Services. Register Vehicle. View Traffic Profile. Traffic Profile's Receipts. Inquire Affairs. Office ... read more

More Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Test Details. Tips for Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Test. This is a simple test and can pass very easily but many candidates do not pass the first time because lack of preparation and also due to unfamiliar using the online test methodology. You need to go through the handbook thoroughly in deeply.

This guide will help you learn all traffic signs in Abu Dhabi. Sponsored: Are you looking for a Software Developer? Expereinced Developers - they are humble and communicate clearly Quality Deliverables - As per the timeline set, no slippage guaranteed. Java, Python developement stack Or you decide your tech stack we form the team accordingly Contact today!

Abu Dhabi Driving License Various Stages Abu Dhabi RTA Theory Test The candidate should undergo a theoretical course and need to pass the theory test to obtain the learners permit.

Syllabus: Abu Dhabi RTA Theory Test Syllabus based on eight different modules See different modules. Related Resources Abu Dhabi Traffic Signs Abu Dhabi RTA Driving Mock Test. Current Stage.

Weblogs Abu Dhabi Driving License Guide Here outlined the detailed procedure on how to obtain the driving license in Abu Dhabi Learn more. abudhabi Abu Dhabi RTA Theory Test Learn more. Search This Site. Our youtube channel. Trending posts Smart yard testing in RTA Dubai: The things you should know by smashplus. Smart Driving Test in Abu Dhabi - things you should know by smashplus. Failure of a light vehicle to abide by lane discipline dubai by smashplus.

Trending Lists Top immediately fail list RTA driving test by smashplus. Best Driving Schools in Dubai by smashplus. Sort by: Newest High rating Low rating. Getting an Abu Dhabi driving licence is a huge milestone. If you are looking at the step by step process for getting a driving licence in Abu Dhabi, we have all the information you need here.

Most people want to get their driving licence Abu Dhabi made as soon as they turn Having a driving licence not only makes your life much simpler, it can even add to your professional profile, especially if you are looking at jobs in sales roles.

However, it is not always a simple exercise. Many people from various countries come to the UAE to work. It is vital to understand the whole process before starting out to ensure you get your Abu Dhabi driving licence without any hassles. This Abu Dhabi driving licence guide provides the step-by-step process, which will help you obtain your Abu Dhabi driving licence.

From the legal driving age to the number of tests one must take, this guide covers the details of the Abu Dhabi driving licence procedure to help you make an informed decision. People who are medically fit and above the legal age can apply for a new driving licence Abu Dhabi.

The legal age for driving in Abi Dhabi depends on the vehicle you want to drive. The division is as follows:. If you already have a foreign driving licence, chances are your process is simpler. Abu Dhabi government offers an easier process to people who have a driving licence from the following countries:. If you have a driving licence from any of the countries mentioned above, you need not apply for a new Abu Dhabi driving licence as your foreign licence can be transferred.

The first step is to visit any official typing or translation centre to get an Arabic translation for your foreign licence. Next, visit the licensing centre with the necessary documents details below.

Here, you can get your eye test for driving licence Abu Dhabi and other formalities will also be conducted. If your eye test is successful, you will be given your driving licence in Abu Dhabi.

Here is how you can seek for the UAE visa status enquiry. If you are one of the lucky ones, this process will wrap up your Abu Dhabi driving licence guide. First time driving licence applicants have to pass the following stages before they can obtain a licence:.

In Abu Dhabi, you have to visit the Emirates Driving Company details below and open a driving file in your name to start your training. EDC is the first certified driving school and road safety institute in Abu Dhabi.

It is a public entity jointly owned by the Abu Dhabi government. EDC has a set of competent trainers who cover courses in various Abu Dhabi driving licence categories including Light Vehicle, motorcycle, Heavy Vehicle and Heavy Bus. They operate centres in Mussafah in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Emirates Driving Company is the only school in Abu Dhabi.

The address is Street no. Local applicants only have to present their Emirates ID. Foreigners living in Abu Dhabi, however, have to present the following documents:. Emirates Driving Company EDC course is based on eight units lessons which you need to learn and pass the theory test. Each unit comprises of a 2-hour class.

There are 35 questions in all, designed to gauge your understanding of the laws of driving in the country. The test has three segments:. If you are unfamiliar with both languages, you can go for an oral exam. Following the theory test, applicants undergo rigorous training for practical session suing simulators and other practical lessons.

The first test after the theory test is the parking test. Following this you are required to undergo a road test. The number of sessions depends on how much work you need to reach the desired level. All lessons are conducted in a driving rink, which is designed to be secure for first-time drivers.

As per the number of sessions required, the cost range could be from AED to Generally, for beginners, it takes 30 hours. Those who have prior driving experience can learn in 10 to 20 hours. The certificate is necessary to register for the Road or Practical Test. The practical test is the most challenging part of this journey to acquire your Abu Dhabi licence.

You will get 10 to 12 minutes, in which you have to prove your driving skills to the examiner. The examiner will inform you of the result straight after. In case you fail, you have to undergo 7 more hours of training. If you pass, an approval paper will be provided, which you can then submit to the Pass Counter with ID documentation and the Abu Dhabi Licence fee.

Get your photograph taken from the photo area and voila! You will have your Abu Dhabi driving licence in the next fifteen minutes. The total cost for the test would be AED , including AED 50 for registering the practical test and AED for the issuance of the licence. You will be assigned a time and a date for the test. Please reach on time with the following documents. Residents cannot drive on a foreign driving licence. If you are visiting for a short period of time you can, however, drive on your international driving licence.

If you are an expat with prior driving experience from a non-exempt country, you have to take driving classes. The hours depend on your driving experience. Obtaining an Abu Dhabi licence is not an easy job.

However, if you go by the book and follow the aforementioned steps and tips, your chances of getting it the first time are enhanced greatly. The UAE driving licence has to be renewed periodically. For UAE and GCC citizens, the renewal term is for every 10 years. For other foreign expats the licence needs to be renewed every 5 years.

This can be done easily online in most emirates, including Abu Dhabi. One of the things to remember is that to renew your licence you need to settle all your traffic fines. If you delay the renewal, a fine of AED 10 is imposed every month after the grace period of one month. While many of the rules are similar across the UAE, there are far more accredited driving schools in Dubai than in other parts of the country. I want to go for mini bus license.

What is requirements? To apply for a minibus license you must be 21 years of age, attend 20 hours light bus driving license course and have had your LMV-manual license for at least three years. For further details and specific questions about your case, please visit the RTA website or contact their customer service centre at Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of the accredited driving schools in Dubai.

Dear sir I want some details. This is not required if you are 18 years and above. The cost varies depending on the number of classes you take, which may also vary depending on your previous driving experience.

The fee for theory classes starts at Dh Before you can start taking driving lessons, you first need to book a date for your road test. Here is how you can do it through the Tamm portal:. You then need to take at least six hours of driving classes from any private driving school in Abu Dhabi, like the Emirates Driving Company. The fees for practical training depends on your skill level, the number of classes you enrol in, and the private driving school you have selected.

The lowest estimated cost for a beginner is around Dh2,, according to Emirates Driving Company. You will then need to visit the traffic licensing department branch in Abu Dhabi that you selected at the time of opening your file to take the road test. If you pass the road test, your driving licence will then be issued.

You can either collect the driving licence card from your driving school or through the Abu Dhabi Police Customer Happiness Centres. You can also view the electronic version of your driving licence through the Abu Dhabi Police app. A new driving licence is valid for two years for citizens, GCC nationals and other nationalities.

When you renew your driving licence, its validity would be for 10 years for UAE and GCC citizens and five years for residents. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. This section is about Living in UAE and essential information you cannot live without. By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Living In UAE. Browse articles by category. Back to page. Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pexels Dubai: Knowing how to drive is not only a helpful skill if you live in the UAE but even a rite of passage into adulthood in your late teens and early 20s. Select licence type.

Getting a driving license DL in UAE can be a slightly cumbersome and a decently expensive affair. But, in case you already have a DL from your home country, it is much easier. Expats from a few countries list is given here can directly convert their DLs to a UAE license. But, even if you are not from one of the countries mentioned in the list, there is still good news for you. Golden chance in an opportunity, a kind of short cut, in which you get a chance to take the driving test without going for driving classes at the Emirates Driving Company.

With this, you can save a lot of time and money which otherwise you would will need to spend on daily driving lessons. Those who are already having a driving license from their home country are eligible to apply for golden chance driving license.

Would you like to download for free our step by step guide to get UAE Driving License in your first attempt? Since I had submitted the Arabic translation of my Indian driving license at the time of application, I was eligible for Golden Chance. After I passed the theory test, I applied for a Road Training Permission card to start On-Road Training. You can easily apply for this on the Abu Dhabi Police mobile app.

It costed me AED including courier. I found plenty of private driving instructors waiting out the Emirates Driving Company. You can go ahead with your on-road training with any one of them. Typically their fee is AED per hour — depending on your bargaining skills. Although the instructor who trained me has initially asked for 70, after a bit of negotiation finally settled for 60 AED per hour. Generally, people with prior experience take around hours of practice. I took 20 hours. Those who have less driving experience might even take 30 hours.

Once my instructor was convinced with my driving skills, he gave give me a certificate of completion. I went ahead and took the road test and passed it at once!! If you found this information helpful, please leave a comment below to let us know, it would really make us happy. Also, if you need any other information relating UAE Driving License, please ask you questions in the comments and I will definitely reply back.

Hello Mainak, How are you my friend. I just read your post and all comments. I really appreciate your efforts and help for others. I have a question, I have been doing job here in Dubai in IT for the past 5 months. I have a valid Home Country License as well. Can I open file and apply for Abu Dhabi Golden Chance DL? Someone told me that because of Dubai Employment Visa, I cannot apply in Abu Dhabi Golden Chance License.

Please advise. Thank you. Hi Yasir, I am really glad that you liked the blog and found it informative. Coming to your question, yes I have also heard the same that people who have a work-visa issued in Dubai cannot apply for DL in Abu Dhabi. But you can definitely apply for golden chance in Dubai. can I apply for the golden chance? possible to have my training and classes here in Dubai? Great information, thanks! I have my practical test already booked but now I get to know that I need mandatory 6hs training.

Could you please share the contact of your trainer with whom you bargain? Also, how can they upload the certificate? THanks a ton Paula. If you need the contact number of the instructor who guided me, please send me an email and I will send you his phone number 🙂 all the best.

Hi , I have saudi driving license. Through this I was booked a driving test appointment. but before attained the test do I got anything from courier. after test what to do and Total how much money I have to pay for final driving license. Hi Pritam, I am not sure of the exact amount now, because I heard from a friend that the charges have increased in but I have mentioned all my expenses here — Everything you need to know about getting UAE Driving License in Abu Dhabi.

Hi Im thinking to go for golden chance as my visa is from dubai but i am working in abudhabi so what is the process and what if i didnt pass road test. Do i get second chance or again i have to reapply from beginning. Yes, as far as I know, you can apply from AD.

If someone is unable to pass the road-test at once, they have to go for another driving lesson and then take the road-test again! Do you know if there is a arabic translation in emirates driving department? Do you have any update or knowledge with the procedure nowadays? I am disappointed to hear this. Yes, is a typing centre service at the emirates driving department, but a friend told me that they charge a lot. here is the place where I did my translation.

they were pretty prompt and the cost was reasonable. hope it helps. This is Ali. Mechanical engr by profession working in abu dhabi. i want to ask that what are the benefits of getting golden chance over going through normal routine setup, in terms of expense.

Hi Ali, yes! There is definitely a big advantage. Getting your DL via golden chance is much cheaper as compared to without golden chance.

I have mentioned about the exact amounts involved in my other blog post — Everything you need to know about getting DL in Abu Dhabi All the best. Hi, I have a driving license from my country from Philippines and it will expire Year month of July, Do I have the chance for this Golden chance without theory here in Abu Dhabi…my Visa is also here in Abu Dhabi?

Hi Brethner, Yes! you will be eligible for a golden chance since you DL from home country is valid. But theory test is necessary as far as I know.

Also, I have mentioned in details about the costs of getting the driving license in Abu Dhabi here. Please take a look and let me know if you have any further doubts. hi i have qatar driving licensed but already expire it is possible to apply for golden chance? Is there any option to get driver license golden chance? Because my company not give me the noc and trade license.

hello I have a Moroccan driving licence i want to know is there any level i will learn how is it going to go. Hi Mouna, Yes, since you already have a Moroccan driving licence, you can definitely apply for Golden Chance in UAE. And since you already know how to drive, just with a bit of practice you will be able to get to the best levels of driving! All the best. Can i apply golden chance DL. I can appear for tests in AD but take training classes in dubai. will it work??. Is NOC required from my company.

I work as finance manager — thx Ram. Hi Ram, thank you for stopping by and going through my blog-post. Since your visa is from AD, if you apply for DL in AD it should be perfect. Feel free to write back if you have any doubts. May I know.. I have india DL taken before 2months… Can I apply for Golden chance in abu dhabi driving license.. And my visa status is Operation Manager do I need NOC from Company. Hi Asik, Thank you for visiting our blog. As far as I know, your Indian DL needs to be 6 months old to be eligible for golden-chance.

Hope this helps, feel free to write back if you need any further information. All the best! How can i apply for a golden chance? I have passed my theory exam. Now that is a bit tricky!

They might consider, but I am not sure.

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Deep-Dive Driving Theory Tests. The below test gives you a deep-dive analysis of your score for the various topics appear in theory test for Light Motor Vehicle. This exam contains total 20 Request Waiver of Firearms to the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police. Abu Dhabi Police. ADP_ Apply. Request for a New Driving Licence Issuance. Abu Dhabi Police. ADP_ Forgot Password. Or. Road use permit for amateur riders. Traffic Patrols Services. Add/Release Mortgage. Transfer Vehicle Ownership. Create Driving File Application. Issue 'To Whom It  · Emirates Transport Driving Institute. Warsan 3. Excellence Driving Centre. Al Qusais Industry Bin Yaber Driving Centre. Al blogger.comg: abu dhabi  · Description  · Getting a driving license (DL) in UAE can be a slightly cumbersome and a decently expensive affair. And, especially if you don’t have a driving license from your home country, it ... read more

Image Credit: Pexels Dubai: Knowing how to drive is not only a helpful skill if you live in the UAE but even a rite of passage into adulthood in your late teens and early 20s. Btw, I am Nikita from India and I just shifted one month back in AD and got my ID today. Hi Kunal, Thank you for writing to us. Password should have minimum 7 characters with at least one letter and number. Please advise.

I want to go for mini bus license. Search the site. Request for Renewing Firearm Licence Abu Dhabi Police. Fees depend on the number of classes you require. Select licence type. Request for Waiver of Licenced Firearms to Another Person Abu Dhabi Police. Tips for Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Test.