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The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors (2022),What Are the Most Common Online Threats Affecting Seniors?

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Both of my husbands were very loving and affectionate men, and I miss that horribly. I know a lot of women who are younger than me, and in my mind, they look older than me because I keep myself current. And so I really would like a younger man in his 70s because too many men in their 80s have just let themselves go. I glance up and here comes this man with a cane!

I had no idea. This is who I am. I actually started online dating way back in I was getting divorced, and so I was on Match. That why I stopped eHarmony. This one guy was getting pushy and then he disappeared completely. It was because they kicked him off the site! The older you get, the pickier you become. I have a boyfriend now, but when I was online dating, I was looking for someone in my own age category who had a job or was retired — not anyone who needed someone to put a roof over their head.

I wanted someone who was able to take care of themselves. At this age, you end up maybe living with someone versus marrying them just because of all the money that gets involved and gets tangled up, like k s and Social Security. I remember even my mom was a widow at 70 and she joined a golf group. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower through understanding.

Financial contributions from our readers are a critical part of supporting our resource-intensive work and help us keep our journalism free for all. You will not have to link your other social media accounts to register. You can also create a profile in just under 10 minutes, and you only have to answer 20 basic questions to get started getting matches.

We also thought it was cool that you could record a voice message and send it using your phone. This is a nice way to feel comfortable with somebody until you feel OK giving out your phone number. Profiles are detailed. You will have an easy time getting the first impression thanks to how much detail they have. Plus, you can upload many pics for free, which helps you show off all your good sides and see others too. To see an extended profile, you will need a premium membership.

This is a site with a little bit of everything to offer- you have people seeking long-term and short-term relationships, people of many ages, and millions of profiles to browse. Would you like a fresh bagel at noon? You can earn the beans for free just by using the platform, also. You will appreciate the demographics of this site too. Current stats suggest the average user age is 30 to This is an older age compared to dating sites like Bumble or Tinder.

Profile creation is easy — you can use your Facebook profile to start. You can also enter a mobile number. Be sure to take the time to set up your profile because that will ensure more bagels will come to you. With the pandemic finally getting under control, we are so excited to see and meet new and old friends alike. However, you should use caution when chatting and meeting with people on online dating sites.

Here we will discuss common questions related to online dating or the best senior dating sites for senior singles:. Run your conversations with a friend or family member to see what they think. A fresh pair of eyes can shed new light on a situation.

Online dating is a wonderful way to meet new people, no matter how old you are. And with these ten best dating sites for seniors, you are sure to find somebody you will enjoy chatting with or just meeting for some casual fun.

Our top two picks for best senior dating sites are eHarmony and SilverSingles. Enjoy your dates, have fun, and remember to be yourself every step of the way. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube!

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Receive emails from Us Weekly Marketplace. Men's Journal Sign In Need an account? Sign up now! A lot of apps may not qualify as malware, but they are designed to steal your information and trick you into overpaying for them. The practice of using apps to gain access to a user device and steal data is known as permission abuse. There are a lot of apps on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store that ask for a lot of user permissions to run on your phone.

You should always be skeptical of these kinds of requests, because permission abuse is a huge problem with mobile apps — they steal browsing data, track your location, monitor your app usage, and more, all in an effort to harvest data and sell it online. Security apps like Avira Mobile Security can analyze and flag apps that are suspected of permission abuse, making it easy to see what information your apps have access to.

You should also be on the lookout for fleeceware applications. There are fleeceware astrology apps, photo editors, calculator apps, and so many more. Public Wi-Fi networks can be a great resource for free internet access, but hackers can use public Wi-Fi to invade your devices. Smishing is a type of phishing attack that targets SMS users SMS is better known as text messaging.

These seemingly urgent messages will try and induce users to click a link by threatening victims with legal action or promising them rewards. The last few years have seen an incredible rise in the number of smishing attacks. You should never follow a link in a text message from an unknown phone number.

Most smishing messages will be pretty easy to figure out. Be wary of text messages — follow my steps above for phishing messages and get a mobile security app like Bitdefender with real-time web protections that can block phishing links before you open them. Most importantly though, install an antivirus security app onto your device. Norton is my favorite internet security app for iOS and Android, but you can check out our top mobile antivirus guides for iOS and Android and decide for yourself.

The best way is to use common sense when browsing online, install an antivirus program, and use a password manager and a VPN. An antivirus suite like Norton is easy to use and will offer you advanced protection against malware, phishing threats, and so many other forms of cyberattacks. A good password manager is a great tool — it creates virtually unbreakable passwords for each of your accounts online and stores all of your passwords in an encrypted vault so you will never forget your passwords 1Password is my favorite password manager.

A VPN hides your actual IP address from hackers, masks all of your online activity, including the websites you visit and the files you download, and protects all of your data with military-grade encryption. ExpressVPN is the best VPN on the market in You should never click on ads, use a third-payment service like PayPal, routinely monitor your bank accounts, and only visit trusted websites to keep your financial information safe.

Ads on social media, pop-up ads, and even sponsored posts on the top of Google searches can frequently take you to unsafe or sketchy websites. Many antivirus suites like Bitdefender and Norton also include web shields that can block unsafe websites.

And make sure to keep on top of the transactions in your bank accounts you could even consider contacting your bank and activating transaction notifications for your accounts.

Report any unauthorized activity to your bank as soon as you can, and follow my tips above to stay safe if you think your identity has been stolen.

Create strong, unique passwords and store them safely. There are many great password managers to choose from — my top pick is 1Password. By installing a blocker to your browser, you will prevent websites from recording your activity and selling it to third-parties. Many VPNs also come with built-in tracker blocking tools, and they encrypt your internet connection to make it harder for hackers and big businesses to track you online.

Private Internet Access and ProtonVPN are excellent VPNs with tracker-blocking capabilities. For Chrome users, FLoC federated learning of cohorts is a new method of tracking online activity. We have prepared a guide about FLoC to inform users and provide protection advice. You can assist a senior to stay safe online by helping them install easy-to-use programs and online tools to protect their internet activity.

Moreover, answer any questions or concerns they may have and keep a close eye on their social media accounts and banking activity to help keep your loved ones safe online.

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Home Blog The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors Professional Reviews. Affiliate Commissions. Reviews Guidelines. Ben Martens This article contains. What Are the Most Common Online Threats Affecting Seniors? FAQs — Internet Safety for Seniors How can I keep myself safe from online threats? What are the best ways to keep my financial information safe when online shopping? How do I protect my privacy online? What can caretakers do to help seniors stay safe online?

Share It: 0. About the Author Ben Martens Senior Editor. About the Author Ben Martens is a cybersecurity journalist with a background in internet ethics, malware testing, and public policy.

The vast majority of cyber attacks can be easily prevented with the proper tools, some basic education, and plain old common sense. Seniors face pretty much the same risks online as everybody else — hackers have an ever-expanding array of tools to fleece users out of their money, steal user data, destroy devices, and spread dangerous files and scams across the web.

Fortunately, a lot of these attacks can be prevented with a few simple tips and by following a few simple steps, and I will also show you what to do if you unfortunately fall victim to cybercrime. Download a good antivirus program. Using good antivirus software is the easiest way to stay safe online. The top antiviruses on the market include real-time malware protection to block viruses before they can run, anti-phishing tools to block scam websites, and additional extra features like firewalls, Wi-Fi scanners, VPNs, password managers, software updaters, data breach monitors, and more.

Always go to the source. Hackers use deceptive pop-up windows, email links, text messages, websites, phone calls, and more to try and rush and pressure users into bad decisions. Maybe a legitimate government agency really is texting you, or your utility company sent you an email, or your old friend wants you to download an email attachment. Always be skeptical — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Only go on secure websites. Avoid pirate sites. Use a variety of passwords. The best way to keep online accounts safe is to use different and complex passwords for each account. Read about our favorite password managers here — my personal favorites are 1Password and RoboForm. Keep your system updated. I recommend you set your computer to automatically install updates when they become available.

You can learn more about exploit attacks here. Computer running slowly? Weird email? Incredibly cheap products? Strange notifications? Make sure you have a trusted family member or human to speak with. According to the FBI and the National Council on Aging NCOA , some of the most common online elder fraud scams are:.

Scammers reach out to users via phone call, text message, email, and even plain-old snail mail. But one of the most common and dangerous techniques is called phishing. Phishing is the act of creating fake websites, phone numbers, or email addresses that mimic legitimate sources for the purpose of getting information, stealing money, or deploying malicious programs on user devices.

The first major phishing attacks occurred in , when a hacker program called AOHell was released. Similar to a weekend fishing trip, these attacks sent out thousands of lines, but only succeeded in catching a few victims willing to provide their account information.

Thus, phishing was born. These messages may inform you that you have money waiting for you, ask you to fill out a survey, or may even trick you into reimbursing a government or financial institution. The Anti-Phishing Working Group reported over , phishing attacks in the first quarter of alone.

Identifying phishing attacks can be tricky, as phishing messages can look very official and will often link to websites that are pretty convincing copies of legitimate sites. Banking websites and online retailers are very commonly imitated for phishing attacks. Most of my tips for spotting the online scams above will work to help you identify phishing sites, but here are some specific tips to help you if you feel like you may be the target of a phishing attack:.

Some ads will ask you to claim a prize, or you may even receive a fake notification from Microsoft or Apple claiming something is wrong with your device. Look out for impersonal, vague, or out of character language in the message. Also, if possible, simply reach out to your friend with a phone call or text to determine if they sent you the message. Identity theft can be glaringly obvious — for example, if somebody starts spending all of your money or maxing out your credit cards.

But some identity theft is a lot more subtle, with small purchases or loans being taken out without victims ever noticing. You need to close up all of the backdoors in your system, but this could be challenging for advanced and inexperienced users. So, I highly recommend you use a professional identity theft protection service to assist you with this process.

It includes insurance against identity theft losses and live phone assistance with making the necessary changes to compromised accounts.

LifeLock tech support staff can even use remote access tools to log into your computer and remove any malware that hackers may have installed on your device. Sometimes, the data from these breaches is exposed publicly, with everyone on the internet simultaneously gaining access to this information, while others breaches are secretive, with the information being shared among hackers in the dark web for weeks or months until the breach is discovered.

Breaching major corporations is seen as an accomplishment for hackers, almost like big-game hunting. Data breaches are becoming increasingly common: in , Yahoo was hacked and 3 billion records were exposed. In , information from million Facebook users got publicly leaked. Password security is incredibly important, and it can actually be pretty easy to maintain good password hygiene with the right tools.

And if you use the same password for every account, once that password is found, all of your accounts are compromised. Having a password manager is a great tool to keep you safe online. Password managers work for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices — they generate unique passwords, they store all of your passwords in one securely encrypted vault, and they can automatically fill passwords, addresses, financial information, and more with a single click. For example, I use 1Password on my PC, iPhone, Chromebook, and Samsung Galaxy tablet.

All of these passwords are synced in real-time across all of my devices, and I can even log into 1Password on most of my devices with a quick fingerprint scan. You can learn more about password managers by checking out our list of the best password managers in Here are some tips to keep you safe while using your email. Look out for addresses that look similar to a known brand but with slight variations for instance, costco-special-offers.

com rather than costco. And always be wary of clicking on any links promising you cheap products or asking you to fill out a random survey to receive free services. Your friends can also be hacked — you should be very suspicious of any downloads or links that your friends send you. Always confirm with them directly through a trusted medium e. telephone that they sent you a file or link. If you think the email is a scam, place the email in your spam folder or report it as an unsafe email.

Your email provider will remember this and prevent messages from that email showing up in your inbox. The best way to do this is with a password manager , which will generate a complex password for your email account, securely store the password, and automatically fill it in when you log in.

I also recommend users enable two-factor authentication 2FA with their email login, which requires users to enter a second form of authentication in addition to their password when they log in. Gmail offers 2FA compatibility — so when I log into my Gmail account, I have to enter my password and also a one-time code that is generated by my password manager.

All of your activity on Facebook is being tracked, analyzed, and sold to advertisers and businesses, but all of your browsing outside of Facebook is also being logged. Here are some quick tips to make sure that Facebook is monitoring as little of your information as possible, and to prevent random strangers online from looking at the pictures and content you post on your Facebook profile:. Cyber criminals are also able to take advantage of Facebook users by creating fake Facebook accounts and exploiting unaware individuals.

Criminals send out messages in the hopes of luring seniors to give up financial or personal information. If you receive a strange message from a friend requesting that you send money, to click on an untrustworthy link, or other suspicious requests, delete the message.

Then contact your friend immediately via a different communication method phone call, email, text, or by informing a loved one with access to your friend and confirm that they sent you the message.

If this happens, immediately change your password. Then go to www. Banking and shopping online through legitimate channels is very secure, but there are a few common mistakes that can cost you a lot of money.

your monthly statement. Most larger banks have official mobile apps that you can download from the Apple App Store on your iOS device or Google Play Store on your Android device. You will also need to use a strong password that is unique to that account.

By using an unsecure network, you may be vulnerable to hackers accessing your personal information. The best way to keep your public internet use secure is to install a VPN on your device, which will encrypt all of your data with unbreakable bit AES encryption I think ExpressVPN is the best VPN on the market in Another major threat for users that are accessing banking information online is keylogging.

Keylogging is a dangerous type of malware that allows cyber criminals the ability to record everything that you type into your keyboard even on mobile touch keyboards. Some hackers will even use the screen capture tools on your devices to record your on-screen activity and steal data that way this is a process known as screenlogging. The best way to combat keylogging and screenlogging is to use a good antivirus that can detect this type of malware.

Bitdefender has excellent real-time malware scanning, and its Safe Pay tool includes a secure browser that blocks access to screen capture tools, as well as an on-screen keyboard that you can use to enter sensitive information online without having to touch your physical keyboard.

Hooking users into a monthly subscription plan is a ubiquitous and perfectly legal technique used by businesses to get money from forgetful users.

It can be extremely difficult to figure out what monthly payments are coming out of your account, and why. Here are some tips:. Most websites use trackers on their webpages to gather data about what users are clicking on, how long they spend on certain pages, and much more.

This data helps companies make their websites better for users and more profitable for businesses. The big problem is that many of these trackers continue monitoring you after you leave a website — many Facebook users are shocked to find out that Facebook is actually recording every website they click on. Another effective option is to install a virtual private network VPN on your device.

VPNs mask your internet protocol IP address and can hide your online activity from hackers and trackers. The best way to avoid FLoC is to use a more secure browser, like Firefox, and start using a privacy-oriented search engine like DuckDuckGo instead of Google. To see if FLoC is being used on your browser, you can use our FLoC Checker Tool. Malware is an umbrella term to encompass any program or code that is harmful to a computer system.

Malware is unfortunately very common, with 2. Diagnosing and removing malware manually from a computer is an extremely complicated and time-consuming task — and you can actually do significant harm to your device while trying to remove malware.

Senior Online Dating Scams in 2021: Things to Know and Protection,Table of Contents

AdCompare Dating Sites with Genuine Profiles. Meet Local Singles & Find Your Match. Online Dating Has Already Changed The Lives of Millions of People. Join Today AdCompare Dating Sites with Genuine Profiles. Meet Local Singles & Find Your Match. Online Dating Has Already Changed The Lives of Millions of People. Join has been visited by 10K+ users in the past monthTypes: Online Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating, Casual Dating AdFind 10 Best Senior Dating sites in CA. The Ultimate Answer for You!Whether its instant messaging, video chat, dating games, offline events, or online Types: All Ages Dating Sites, Senior Dating Sites, Gay Dating Sites  · Even more subtle language, like “heart,” “romantic,” and “children,” can also indicate your serious intentions and lead to more engaged responses from commitment-oriented online daters. 5. Post 4 or More Clear Pictures of Yourself. On a dating site, adding just one picture doesn’t cut it anymore. Singles see one uploaded photo and We Narrowed Down The Search For You - Choose From 's Best Senior Dating Sites Our experts have reviewed the top online dating sites for seniors. What Senior Women Should Consider Before Getting Intimate. By: April Braswell • 8/21/ Sex. How to Be a Sexy Midlife Woman. By: Michelle Johnson • 5/25/ Sex. Dating and Viagra: New Normal for 21st-Century Seniors. By: Nick Slade • 11/2/ Sex. How to Have an Exciting Sex Life After ... read more

Got it! Unfortunately, seniors are especially vulnerable to this because they usually do not have a great understanding of these scams. Right in college, on the job, maybe in a bar or though family and friends. Anyone asking for money or claiming to be experiencing financial issues raises a giant red flag, says Artis. You are going to find a match that is close enough to you but different enough so you keep things interesting. All Points West · CBC News · Posted: Jun 05, PM PT Last Updated: June 6,

Avoid clichés in your profile. For example, one of their dating sites is MillionaireMatch. This common ploy often quickly grows into a much larger number, even into the thousands range. The best way to avoid FLoC is to use a more secure browser, like Firefox, and start using a privacy-oriented search engine like DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Share with linkedin. Over time, they both seemingly became things for seniors to consider about online dating close and would mainly stay in contact over email. Anyone asking for money or claiming to be experiencing financial issues raises a giant red flag, says Artis.